The best non-invasive treatment for a successful recovery from pain

Injuries are the most common in recent times; many people are suffering from different kinds of injuries and pains that could be caused because of various reasons. Due to the advancements in the field of medicines, one could find different types of equipments which are helpful in finding the solution faster. One among the most common thing is the shockwave therapy which is actually new comer in the world of connective tissue treatments. In this case, the sound waves are passed on the tissue where the injury is present and is useful for getting a complete treatment and a successful recovery.This shockwave therapy is also called as the extracorporeal shockwave therapy and is actually a kind of non-invasive treatment used in the field of medicine. They are mostly used by the doctors in order to reduce the pain or to promote the healing process in a faster way.

ESWT and its main uses

This is considered to be the regenerative treatment for muscles, bone disorders and other kinds of health issues in the tendons. In this technology, high frequency sound waves are generated and are passed on to the injured areas in order to treat the condition. It is also effective in treating the pain in the case of myofascial pain syndrome. There are two different methods used in the treatment, one which includes passing the shockwave energy directly into the tissues and this is called extracorporeal shockwave therapy or ESWT. Whereas the other one called EPAT in which the mechanical pressure is passed onto the tissues. But no matter whether it is a high energy or low energy waves that are applied onto the tissues, it is the fact that it will produce the similar kind of effect over the different time frames.

Some common applications of shockwave therapy include

  • It is helpful in decreasing the pain to a large extent; this is done in such a way like it enhances the blood flow to the particular area which is affected. This in turn gives the extra energy and also makes the muscle to relax. This as a result will reduce the pain as well as the muscle tension.
  • Our body is made of neuropeptide which works as the modulator as well as the transmitter for a successful communication between the nerves. They even change or reduce the inflammation in the affected area. The treatment is actually the best way to induce the secretion of neuropeptide in the body which is helpful in reducing the pain in the area which is affected from the injury.
  • Another best thing about this treatment is that it helpful in producing more amounts of collagen content in the body, these are nothing but the proteins which are found in the connective tissues. These act as the main thing behind the flexibility to the skin and are thus helpful in correcting the mechanism in the affected region.
  • This therapy is helpful in increasing the level of oxygen in the body thereby enhances the energy level. These will definitely result in increasing the metabolism of the body.